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How to slay this Eid

Don't know how to go about this year's Eid? Well don't worry, I got you girl friend. 

Hello there my baby angels. Welcome again to my blog. If you're new, hi! It's nice having you here. 

As you all know, Eid is literally just in few days. And it's crazy how fast this Ramadhan went. Like, was it not just yesterday that we started fasting, but boom. We are now preparing for Eid. Without further or do, let's get into the content. 

It can get really stressful trying to figure out how you're going to be looking on special occasions like this. Mostly because the thoughts of not being able to slay enough like everyone else is quite intense. "OMG, she's so going to look amazing". What about you? Why not look amazing too.

There's really no big deal about it. With the following steps I'm about to mention down below, you should be able to glam up as well.

••••••••••Eid outfit••••••••••

Yes yes yes. I feel like Eid outfit is the most important thing you need in order to get yourself looking glamorous. Depending on how gorgeous you want to look, select an outfit that'll speak to you about how well you want to look. You can go for Abayas, Traditional wears, evening wears and so many more. Just try and avoid jeans and the sweats. Lol! Trust me. That will just be so not Eid inspired.

Things you should consider before selecting an outfit:

- If you're going to get your outfit tailored, do that in time and leave atleast 1 to 2 weeks interval. Trust me. From where I am (Nigeria), tailors can really mess up in most cases. So the earlier the better.

- Don't get an outfit that's see through or too tight. You might want to keep it modest and not to go against the Islamic rule.

- Don't get just a basic plain dress unless you're willing to spice it up with accessories.

- To make things easier for you, select a dress with enough bling bling and design. So that accessorizing won't be a problem.

- And last but not the least, make sure the outfit you're going to pick is what you're sure you're going to feel good in. Don't worry about what everyone will be wearing. Wear what you'll feel fantastic in.


Definitely yes. Your look needs more glam and the accessories will do it just fine. For those that'll be basically wearing a hijjab, earrings and necklaces shouldn't really be considered since you'll be covering those areas up but your hands will be out for sure and leaving them just like that won't add up anything to your look.
Accessorize them. You decide whether to apply henna or to stalk up some really cool knuckle rings. As for me personally, I'm just going to stalk my knuckles up with rings. Funny story, I've never applied henna before. Lol!

•••••••••Make up•••••••••
Oh yes please. Slaaaaaaaaaaaaay your make up girl. Don't worry about getting too glam up there but do it. Some take make up to be a mask for us ladies but no. It's just a means of enhancing the beauty you have. The guys put on make up too. Not necessarily gay but yeah. Anyways, the point is to be confident in what you do. If you feel like this won't be of any help to you, then this tip isn't for you. And last but not the least

•••••••Your go items••••••

Your bags and your shoes are your go items. These items can complete or destroy your entire look. So make sure to pay more attention here. Your bag should bring out your outfit. If you're going to be wearing just a basic colour outfit, then let these items come out and scream for glam. Heels will definitely rock your outfit. To those who can't walk in them, no need to stress yourself. Get a sandal like heels that isn't that high. Whatever you do make it count. 

Before I end this article, I will like to inform you that you don't necessarily need to break your bank to look good. Get them on low prices. A lot of good stores are on sales for this Eid celebration and I'm very sure you'll get what you want on a low budget. And all this won't be of any use if you lack the inner glam. Be humble, be nice, pray to the Lord Almighty and make this Ramadhan counts. I wish you all a beautiful happy Ramadhan Kareem and a big Eid Mubarak! 
Kisses till next time my angels.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The best top 5 Met Gala 2018 outfits


         The iconic Met 2018 outfits

Hi guys. It's your girl Ruqee Amb and you're all welcome. I'm so excited for today's post. Met 2018 was basically the most iconic event that took place this year. This year, the Met Heavenly Bodies presented the "historic relationship between fashion and religion, inspiring one another and resulting in some of the most innovative creations in the history of fashion"- Daniel H. Weiss, the Met's president and CEO #MetGala2018.
Without saying much, let's get into the best outfits on the red carpet.

                Nicky Minaj
   The queen of Rapp dared to go as a devil in her red Oscar De La Renta dress.

Can we all just take a moment to check her out? Like, Oh my God! So damn beautiful. Everything she wore from head to toe was on point. I loooooooove this look on her.
Can we talk about the train of her dress. Guys! I'm pretty sure she owned it. So damn beautiful. I'm so obsessed.

 Oh yes! The amazing miss Zendaya. Our darling warrior.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees! I'm so freaking going crazy. I wasn't expecting this from daya at all. I remembered how pretty and glam she was last year and this year she went boujee baby. My biggest concern is that sitting with that outfit on, will be so uncomfortable. Well, am not the one wearing it so I can't judge that. The main point is that, she slayed the look. 

Kim Kardashian West
Kim never ever disappoint. I mean 'never'. This beautiful gold Versace dress is out of this planet. 

I'm literally going to cry. This is how to slay any event girl friend. Her hair, her make up, her curves.... Eeeemmmm! Damn! Flyyyyyyyyy I tell you. 

So I wasn't really happy with Madonna's outfit last year but she came ready this year. 

This is not a drill. She killed this black Jean Paul dress. Her head piece is to die for. Still confused whether she's among the good guys or the bad guys. Either ways, I'm in love with the entire outfit. Love love love it.

And last but not the least of my top favorite outfit goes to...... (drum rolls please)

                 Blake Lively

I mean there's absolutely nothing I'm going to change in this look. Everything is just in place. Every single thing. Fabulous, beautiful, incredible. Damn!

A lot did absolutely well like Cara, Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Rita Ora and etc. The men didn't go there to play either. OMG! The migos took my breath away. Daaaaaamn!

Now there's this one picture that I'm seriously inlove with and I just can't end this article without sharing it with you guys.

Oh my! oh my!! Incredible. This should go viral because it's just the best thing to ever happen on the red carpet. Jared Leto literally looked like Jesus (no offense). Just too good.

And my work is done here. You guys deserve all those compliments. Shout-out to Versace. I think they did the most work here. Gorgeous people with the right outfits. Take care my angels.

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Monday, 12 March 2018

17th birthday blog

     I turned 17 (08th March 2018)

        Another blog alert guys! 
Welcome once again to another fantastic blog article coming from me obviously and today, I'm going to be taking you on a small trip on how my 17th birthday went so far. 
My birthday was on the 8th of March 2018 (just few days ago) and it was literally one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me. It wasn't the most exciting, lavishing birthday but I was so emotionally touched, thanks to the most amazing people in my life. 

I received so many amazing birthday wishes that made me cried so damn hard. Some were written and the others were oral. My parents, best friend, Wifey, school family and Co sent me written articles that got me blushing my way through out the day and Gloria (a friend of mine) sent me the best birthday audio message ever. She sang for me and because of how beautiful her voice was, I couldn't resist but to cry. I lost some of the contents but I'll share the little I have left below;

 from Kelsey Simone herself. The famous account verified YouTuber and instagrammer and blogger. Tell me If this isn't the best thing ever.

From my school mum

From my male best friend

           From my friend via snapchat 

 And this was the pictures my friends posted of me on their WhatsApp status. It goes all the down. I felt like a damn princess. Lol!

The following day, I went back home to Abuja to meet my family and for other purposes because I wasn't living with them. To make the story short, I was in Gombe state attending Remedial classes in Gombe State University. 

Reaching home, I received a phone from my Dad as a gift and my dream kimono from my Mum. I was so happy and that was the only birthday gift I received πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„  What a day. 

  I wasn't expecting anything this year honestly but I appreciate everybody's affords in trying to make the day amazing.  United we stand. Thank u all and I love you so much. Muah! 

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018


❤❤❤❤FEBRUARY 14TH❤❤❤❤

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog once again. If this is your first time viewing my site, check out my previous post and my bio to know where this blog is heading to. 

Today being valentine's day, i'm guessing most of you guys are expecting me to blog about date ideas, gift ideas or anything of that sort but unfortunately i'm not. This is kind of different. I also had no plans at all for this day because i was so busy in school and another thing is that i don't celebrate this day but i would love to hear from you all how you are planning to spend this day/how you spent the day. You can do that in the comment section below. It's all yours. Since it's valentines, i'll make the whole post themed this way........  Anyway, let's get into business.


I'm sure most of you are single and you're probably feeling like you're not loved or something. Hold on, you're loved. I repeat YOU ARE LOVED. You really don't have to allow anyone to tell you that before you feel that way. You should ALWAYS make sure you do feel good about yourself. Whether on valentines day or not, whether married, dating or not. 

                        SELF LOVE? YES SELF LOVE.

Self love is the key to everything. To a happy life, to a successful friendship and all. Most times we just have to deal with this sh*t known as MOOD SWINGS. I mean I've been struggling with mood swings for about 2-3 years now and it has not been an amazing experience at all. Most times i just had to pray to Almighty God to just take my life so that'll be at rest but nope, still breathing (obviously) and i'm grateful i am.

A lot of things can get you into such situations, it might be due to a failure in your academics, loneliness, break ups and sometimes nothing at all. You just start feeling this way with no reason at all ( i can relate to that completely).

The thing about this mood swing of a thing is just that when you lack self love, it takes over your life and you'll start becoming a hot mess. The honest truth is that you can't get ride of this mood completely but you can reduce the rate on which it affects your life. 


  • Depending on nobody, nobody but you. 
Just remember that nobody will always be there 24/7 for you. Sometimes is really not their fault. They have a life too you know. We are separate individuals and with separate bodies, so don't be selfish dearest. Learn to do things on your own but don't be afraid to ask for help. 

Another thing about not depending on others prevents you from getting hurt or disappointed which leads you to having mood swings. So just don't expect much and don't lose hope either.  

  • Music can be the key
I don't know if i'm making any sense by including this point but it works like fire works (now that makes no sense). What am trying to say is that, the type of music you listen to affects the mood you get into. Like about 89% deals with what you hear and what you relate too. Do yourself a favor and trash that kind of depressing songs out from your phone. You don't need that darling, you're way better than that. You really don't have to stress your brain and your heart with such kind of things. Listen to things that'll build you, guide you, speak for you and motivate you. Less drama, less stress and less bull sh*t. 

  • True friendship
I know i clearly started that you shouldn't depend on anybody but having friends is not a bad idea at all. Get yourself involved into a sincere true friendship that will improve you and not destroy you. This point that i just stated really affected me when i was in high school. 

I had so many friends that i just got blinded into trusting everyone with my problems and moves. After an incident occurred between me and one of them, to my surprise, about 95% of the ones i so called my friends back stabbed me so badly that i got emotionally unstable. I cried for days, ate so much junk food, ignored the most important people in my life and it even started affecting my grades. But one miraculous thing happened to me that set me back to track which was Bodak yellow by Cardi B and after i heard that song i snapped out of it. I was like 'why the hell should i disturb myself over those b*tches which i clearly knew they didn't care about me at all( i apologize for using such terms). I quickly returned to my old self and i got even better. That was when i knew who my true friends were and i will like to say thank you all for making me a better person (you know yourselves ❤). 

  • Avoid stress eating

This is what a lot of people are practicing whenever they find their selves in such situations. I wont lie to you, i still find myself practicing it in most cases and it is just something i can't deal with. So what i did was, i switched this habit into a healthy one, instead of me eating unhealthy food that i shouldn't be eating, i started eating fruits instead. LOL! I just had to find a way, which i am satisfied with. If you can't get rid of  a nasty unhealthy behavior, switch the table around. There's always a way out. Absolutely!
  • Get engaged
LOL! Some of you are like 'what is wrong with her' but don't worry. It is not what you think it is. I was just trying to say that, you should focus on the important things in your life. It might be your studies, your job or whatever it maybe. Just get yourself engaged in anything you love doing, your hobbies would really help you. 

I think i'm going to stop here for now but i'll post more tips on how to minimize such sort of depressions. I believe with all i have stated above, you were able to find it helpful. Just give it a try. Thank you so much for going through this article and i will be back with another fabulous content for you all. 
Hugs and Kisses

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Saturday, 10 February 2018



Hi everyone. Welcome to my blog. I'm so excited oh my! I've wanted this for like forever and now I'm doing what I love. Blogging is literally all I ever wanted.

My name is Ruqayyah Abubakar Musa known as ruqee_amb. I'm a high school graduate and from the northern part of Nigeria. Making me an arewa chick😊  Lol!

Blogging to me is the way of expressing ideas, opinions, advertising and a way of having fun. And from what I've experienced by just creating this platfum, i can say that being a blogger is being an influencer. And I can't wait to proceed. 

        ❤ Get to know me better❤

First things first, let me go deeper into my introduction.

1- I'm the oldest sibling of 6 children. Well, I guess that means I was the first experiment.

2- My nick name is derived from my name obviously, which is 'Ruqayyah' to Ruqee and the Amb is composed of the first alphabets of my father's name, grand father's name and my great grand father's name (Abubakar Musa Barka) 

3- I'm 17 years old, born on March 8th 2001 (well I'll be 17 soon, so why not claim it)

4- I literally have more than 50 goals which I can't wait to achieve. Some of them includes;
- becoming a gynaecologist, 
- a model,
- a celebrity blogger,
- having a verified Instagram accountπŸ˜–
- getting into the university...... (and I can go on and on and on)

4- I'm a crazy shopaholic. Mhen, I can never have too many clothes. 

5- I don't know my talent yet, I guess mine is hidden or probably it never existed (ouch!) But i consider my hobbies to be satisfying. 

Well I guess this is enough for now. I love you guys so much and I apologize incase if I miss used my words.  I'll improve my vocabulary❤ I'll appreciate each subscription and each comment. ❤❤❤❤❤😳😳😳😳😳😳❤❤❤❤❤❤ 
- Ruqee_amb

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How to slay this Eid

Don't know how to go about this year's Eid? Well don't worry, I got you girl friend.  Hello there my baby angels. Welcome...